The RoomZeroZero story

It is the meeting of a hotel enthusiast and his entourage.

Everyone asked:

“How choose a good bed?"


“I love this hotel, I would like to buy their bedding, how do I do that?"

RoomZeroZero is the room where it all begins.

Even before Room 01 of the hotel that welcomes you, you are at home, in room 00: Room Zero Zero.

p>We spend almost 1/3 of our lives sleeping.

The hotel room is the perfect dressing room for bedding. We have time to enjoy the bed and the room, very often in a relaxed setting and atmosphere.

This is to allow everyone to find the comfort and pleasure of a hotel at home of his dreams that Roomzerozero was created.

After having equipped many luxury hotels around the world with the best bedding, RoomZeroZero offers you the experience and comfort of 5-star hotels at home, by acquiring bedding from these prestigious establishments.


Roomzerozero is a partner of the best hotels and the best bedding brands Beautyrest by Simmons and Treca Pars