Your customers will love it!

Your customers would love to be able to sleep at home like in your hotel. With the same duvet, with the same pillow, even the same sheets. Sometimes they ask you if they can buy them and other times they "borrow" what they like.

But how to meet these demands? How to order from suppliers and arrange delivery?

This is where RoomZeroZero can help.

Discover the Hotel Guest Retail solution to promote your brand and develop your sales.

Give your hotel and brand increased visibility and build customer loyalty with RoomZeroZero's Hotel Guest Retail solution. Thanks to this unique service, extend the customer experience and turn them into ambassadors for your hotel. We offer you the ideal way to develop your notoriety. You will reach new potential customers and strengthen ties with your existing loyal customers. Your brand will be part of their lives.

Our expertise
We sell bedding and all the accessories for your hotel room (sheets, duvets, pillows) to your customers. And even more, if you wish, those for the bathroom or gifts (candles, plaids)
We take care of everything from the creation of the website to the installation of the bed at home.

Coming from the trade and the hotel industry, we are at a crossroads. We can create and put online the e-commerce store in addition to yours. We can also provide logistics and customer service.
Bedding experts, we will also be able to advise your customers, with the aim, of course, of increasing and extending the quality of the experience around your brand.
It is an à la carte service for you and your customers.

Easy marketing

Once you've partnered with us and your store is live, all you need to do is direct hotel guests to your online offering. Simply inform them via your usual marketing tools (magazines, flyers, post-departure follow-up message, room directory, etc.) that your products can be purchased at We take care of the rest.

Marketing advice

If you wish, we can also help you create the necessary marketing tools.
In addition to internet searches and hotel guest inquiries, we go above and beyond to build your brand awareness in the mainstream market. RoomZeroZero works closely with your communications and web teams to create a dedicated program that will engage consumers through joint communications. This will give you plenty of creative opportunities to reach your target audience.

Contact us

If you have any questions or would like to set up this service for your customers, you can write to us:
contact [@] roomzerozero [.] com